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Boss Baby (English) Tamil 1080p Movie Download




In the twist on the traditional nursery rhyme, Baby Lou is a boy. Baby Lou is the name of the young baby, and the name of his father, the baby's paternal grandfather, is Lou, a theme of the film (as well as the fact that the baby's name rhymes with Lou). The film is best described as The Boss Baby meets Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Plot The plot follows the life of the young baby Lou (as opposed to the events described by the nursery rhyme). Lou is a baby boy who is born to the family of his paternal grandfather, Dr. Plank (voice of Alec Baldwin) and his wife, Gloria. However, after the birth of Lou, the marriage of Dr. Plank and Gloria is found to be broken by the incompatibility of their personalities. Gloria has an odd personality, which is caused by a dislocated hip and a surgery that had to be done on her when she was pregnant. The hip problem is also the reason why Dr. Plank is overworked; he is a doctor with a very full schedule at a children's hospital and has a fiancé named Kate, who seems to be oblivious of the fact that he is married to Gloria. The rest of the family is put through a number of misunderstandings due to the odd mannerisms of Gloria. Gloria takes the baby Lou and drags him along to Gloria's aunts' home for Christmas Day (something Dr. Plank had forbidden). Since he is in a rush to have some fun, Dr. Plank agrees to go along. Gloria explains to the aunts that the problem with the hip is that she has a dislocated hip, causing her to walk oddly. The aunts try to convince her to get a corset for the hip, but Gloria is not a fan of corsets. Kate tries to help Gloria, but ends up having to admit that she has no idea of the relationship between Gloria and Dr. Plank. Kate begins to explain that Gloria likes attention, but a delivery truck that honks when the aunts are outside causes her to be embarrassed. Gloria demands that the aunts leave, but she doesn't know that the aunts will be treated to a story telling session before leaving. The aunts begin to tell a story of a much younger Gloria and her Aunt Viv, which includes a scene where they fight with each other. Gloria lets it slip that Dr. Plank has a fiancé named Kate who




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Boss Baby (English) Tamil 1080p Movie Download

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